This November, VJN is co-sponsoring the Vineyard Ethnic Diversity Conference. In addition, we’re organizing a special VJN Laboratory Day on the last day of the conference. Join VJN leaders for a 3-hour working group, where we’ll digest what we’ve learned from the conference. We will help each other to understand our roles as pastors and leaders within a world of racial bias, systemic and institutional conflict. Our goal is to equip each person with an implementation and action plan, so that we can each go home with concrete next steps for our churches and communities to pursue racial reconciliation and ethnic diversity.


 The Vineyard Justice Network exists to empower Vineyard pastors and leaders to pursue and enact the justice of God’s kingdom.VJN will equip you by connecting the work of heart, head, and hands with key issues of structural injustice and leadership.

  • How is fighting human trafficking connected to ending poverty?
  • How are root causes of poverty connected to caring for the environment?
  • How does environmental stewardship prevent human trafficking?
  • What does it look like and mean for the exploited to lead the way in ending exploitation?
  • The trafficked to lead the way in ending trafficking, the homeless to lead the way to ending homelessness, the undocumented immigrant to lead the way in immigration reform?

VJN focuses on the interconnectivity of freeing slaves, ending poverty, and tending creation. As our network continues to expand, we’ve also embraced other key areas of injustice, such as nurturing reconciliation. Together, we will foster depth in our dialogue, ask better questions, and challenge ourselves to empower the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed to lead the way in our common struggle to participate in and enact the Kingdom of God today. Dive in further by reading a case study of Haiti and the interconnectivity of injustice.

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