Baton Rouge Mission

Recently, I was given the opportunity to travel 16 hours south to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to serve with Samaritans Purse’s floor relief teams. I went with Liberty University’s Send Now team. The 46 of us loaded up a charter bus and started driving south through the night and made it to Greenwell Springs Baptist church where we were quickly put it work tearing down a stage that had water damage. This was the first (and easiest) site we were on. The rest of the week, my portion of the team had the privilege of serving two different homeowners who both had received extensive water damage during the flood. The first homeowner and her husband both accepted Jesus as Lord on the very first day we were working on their site. It was an amazing thing to watch the Lord take such tragedy and heartache and turn it into something that ultimately glorified Him.

The second homeowner we had the chance to serve was in my opinion, like a modern day Job. Before we even had a chance to begin working on her house, she shared with us her story about how her husband had passed, both of her parents passed, and a collection of other things that would make the average person crumble. But, because she was so strong in her faith the joy of the Lord was indeed her strength. We went there with the intention of blessing her and in the end, she blessed us 100 fold what we ever would have been able to do.

Through this experience in disaster relief, I have seen the Lord turn chaos into beauty and made some of the closest friends I could ever hope for. I would not trade that week for anything.


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