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Watch: Justice & Church Planting Webinar

We get it. Life can get busy. Not to worry, we have your back. We are making the full recording from from last week available to you. Hear pastors Rich Nathan, Beth Wood, and Kathy Maskell talk about the need for holistic approaches to justice […]

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It’s Official: VJN’s Partnership with Multiply Vineyard

VJN is thrilled to officially announce it’s partnership with Multiply Vineyard! You’ll be seeing a lot more of VJN at Multiply Vineyard events, as well as MV/VJN collaborations. For example, we’ll be hosting our first joint webinar on January 7, 2016 on “How to Include Justice in […]

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NURTURING RECONCILIATION: BHM – Galatians, the Gospel and Celebrating Black History Month

This week, VJN invited Steve Schenk, church planter of Vineyard City Church/Buffalo to reflect on Black History Month. Why would a White man write an article celebrating Black History? Thats a fair question, but I think the answer is obvious enough.  A better question, however, is […]

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