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NURTURING RECONCILIATION: BHM – The Devil Does Business at the Crossroads

There is a postscript to the myth that at the crossroads where blues-legend Robert Johnson made his pact with the devil, it is this: Robert all ready possessed the sound that caused the strings on his guitar to vibrate, hum, and sing with a sound […]

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NURTURING RECONCILIATION: BHM – We Need A Civil Reconciliation Movement

VJN invited Michael Raburn to share his thoughts on the film Selma and the Civil Rights Movement. I saw the film Selma recently (and I highly recommend seeing it). It stirred up a lot of thoughts and feelings and predominant among them was how much has changed and […]

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NURTURING RECONCILIATION: BHM – Galatians, the Gospel and Celebrating Black History Month

This week, VJN invited Steve Schenk, church planter of Vineyard City Church/Buffalo to reflect on Black History Month. Why would a White man write an article celebrating Black History? Thats a fair question, but I think the answer is obvious enough.  A better question, however, is […]

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