The Holy Spirit Matters: Holy Spirit, Justice, and Community Action

The Holy Spirit Matters: Holy Spirit, Justice, and Community Action

In this VJN podcast, Vineyard pastor Michael Raburn hosts a de-briefing webinar on Dr. Turner’s work on the relationship between the Holy Spirit, justice, and community action. To best prepare for the webinar, we recommend you read Michael’s dissertation chapter on the Holy Spirit.

Dr. William Turner
turnerProfessor Turner’s ongoing work focuses on pneumatology and the tradition of spirituality and preaching within the black church. Articles on “Black Evangelicalism,” “The Musicality of Black Preaching,” and “The Black Church and the Ecumenical Tradition” reflect his teaching and writing interests. He taught in the areas of theology and Black Church Studies and directed the Office of Black Church Affairs prior to his appointment in homiletics.

Professor Turner travels widely as a preacher and lecturer. He retains active involvement in church and community activities. Dr. Turner held positions within Duke University in student affairs and Afro-American Studies before joining the Divinity School faculty. Before that, he played football for Duke. He is the pastor of Mt. Level Baptist Church in Durham.

mraburnDr. Michael Raburn
lead pastor, Vineyard North,
Mike grew up in Plant City, FL in a family deeply embedded in the Pentecostal movement. The son of a general contractor, Michael worked his way through college and graduate school in an array of blue and white collar jobs, all of which influenced his research and/or personal development in unintended (and sometimes surprising) ways. With over 20 years of ministry experience, Michael serves as lead pastor of Vineyard North in Wake Forest, NC. He earned a Ph.D. in theological ethics and public policy in 2013 at Duke University with a dissertation that focused on the ethical commitments that attended the birth and decline of the Pentecostal movement and has two books forthcoming: After Satisfaction: Explaining Atonement in a Post-Evangelical World and Ding Dong the Witch is Dead: A Eulogy to the Evangelical Movement.

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