Highlights from VJN 2014 | Jamie and Michelle Wilson on Justice in the Neighborhood


Highlights from VJN 2014















This year at VJN 2014, over 75 people (representing 50 Vineyard Churches) from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico gathered at Anaheim Vineyard for three days of challenging conversation, encouraging worship and ministry, and deepening relationships. From Michelle and Jamie Wilson’s invigorating talk on re-imagining “neighborhood justice” to Andy Wood’s exercise on how to listen to people on the margins of our communities; from James Choung’s framing of the reconciling mission of the Good News to Rose Swetman’s guide to incarnational community service; from Cindy Rethmeier and Casey Corum’s invocation to God to move His hand to bearing witness to the pioneering work of KidWorks, we were challenged, encouraged, sharpened, and discipled towards being more authentic image-bearers of God.

We challenge you to carry the energy, momentum, ideas, and questions from our conference forward— let’s build the network!

Reflections from VJN 2014:
“The VJN week was a great experience for me and I’m really glad I went….and I’m really glad that I’m saying that because I was a bit unsure as to what it would be like….But overall, I am seeing (or think I’m seeing) God work in me a renewed compassion/passion for the things that are not right in this world. When I was younger, it was everything and overwhelming, but I feel like there is direction towards something specific….a running sentence in my head these days is “look to the north.” The conference added to that sense, but also assured me that there are good quality and caring people addressing other very real injustices that are in desperate need of attention. Oh to be part of such a body!!”

“I especially enjoyed meeting together in the coaching tracks. Mostly because we got to know each other a bit more. The discussions were excellent and I liked the variety of topics / strengths each coach offered….I also really appreciated the prayer ministry during the main sessions.”

“Thank you for your labor of love for justice! You recruited quality speakers and put on an excellent program. I am so encouraged. I would encourage you to integrate the Discipline of Lament as an integral part of the VJN. Those working for Justice/Peace experience much pain and evangelicals do not have lament as a part of their normal spiritual disciplines.”


Partnering for Justice in the Neighborhood

Listen to Jamie and Michelle Wilson’s plenary session from VJN 2014!

Partnering for Justice in the Neighborhood: How local churches can meaningfully engage justice issues in their own communities, multiply the Kingdom, and build the reputation of Jesus by investing in community partnerships.

Photo-JamieandMichelleWilson-editedMichelle and Jamie Wilson pastor Coast Vineyard in San Diego. They have three children, Daniel, Joshua, and Rose of Sharon.  Michelle holds a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary and Jamie holds a Master of Theology from Fuller Seminary.  They have been doing ministry together for over 20 years, having started by building a residential recovery program helping homeless friends follow Jesus and get off the streets. They are passionate about coaching young leaders, pursuing social justice, and helping the Vineyard develop as a church planting movement in Southeast Asia. They have a vision to see Vineyard churches in Southern California work together to plant missional churches that reach the lost in our cities in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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